Top Five Things to Include in My Classroom 2013

It’s been a wildly inspiring few weeks for me, professionally speaking.  I have been challenged in a way that I never thought would push me in a positive direction, I’m learning how to utilize social media in new-to-me ways, and broadening the ways in which I view my classroom.  I am very excited about some of the changes that I have been considering.  It’s also been extremely exhausting.  I want to do such a wonderful job for my students and I’ve been struggling with how to weed out the poof ideas and what has some sticky power.

I have made a few decisions about what I am and am not going to be implementing in my 9th grade ELA class.

Gotta Have It

1.  Genius Hour

It is a strategy that is geared toward student engagement, creating an appreciation of learning, and allowing for student ownership in the classroom.

2.  Literary Response Journals

When reading anything, fiction or nonfiction, students need a place to express themselves.  The response journals will allow for that to happen.

3.  A more user-friendly class website.

I am fully planning on implementing my classroom website next year, but I know from the year-ending survey that the students felt it could have been more helpful.  Their wish list included:

  • Sample assignments
  • All assignments to be listed
  • Links for reading, writing, or grammar support websites

4.  Literature Circles

My Honors English classes used these and it was successful.  I have been researching more user/student-friendly roles and responsibilities.  One thing that I learned about collaborative projects was to find a way for students to do a self-assessment, but also a group/partner-assessment.  It would be partially reflective and the other portion would serve as an assessment.

5. Project C.R.I.S.S. strategies

Without a doubt, this is the best compilation of reading strategies I have ever seen.  There are strategies for pre, post, and during-reading activities, note-taking strategies, graphic organizers that make sense and tap into higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the administration will go bananas for it because the Common Core will tie in perfectly.

3 thoughts on “Top Five Things to Include in My Classroom 2013

  1. I love your ideas! I admire that you have “put them out there” for others to see. You are setting high standards for yourself and your students. I can’t wait to see how your students respond and will look forward to following your blog throughout the year. Good luck!

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