Kid in a Candy Store

The morning after I completed my three-day Project CRISS training, I emailed our instructor, Ms. Peggy, a thank-you note praising her for the wonderful job she did expressing and modeling all of the components of the program and how genuinely eager I was to begin implementing the strategies into my classroom.  A few days later she replied with a fountain of gratitude for my note and the offer to take some of her retired materials from her soon-to-be-closed, training center office.  If you know any teachers personally then you know there is not a book, a man, an office supply, or a crafting scrap that we would leave on a table marked “FREE.”


This afternoon I walked into the wonderland that is Ms. Peggy’s office; the tables were towering with educational resources, novels, textbooks, and adorable posters and pictures that every teacher has either been gifted or run across in the Education section of Pinterest.


I walked away with a crate full of materials to add to my professional library, and I cannot wait to sift through them this summer, sticky-noting and tabbing my summer days away.


Thank you, Ms. Peggy, and all educators who are invigorated by sharing their love of education.

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