Othello on Facebook

One of the culminating projects for our Othello unit was to create a social media profile and make posts that demonstrate their understanding of the characters and plot.

Blog or Social Media: 50 points

Create a blog or some other social media that showcases the journey of one character throughout the play.  It does not necessarily have to be a main character like Iago or Othello.  You could choose to do a blog through the perspective of a servant not mentioned in the play: what he or she sees, the information they overhear, etc. (in diary blog format, for example).  Be appropriate.  Remember, I will be grading these.  Be sure to include characterizations of the character you are exploring/analyzing, as well as what they see or perceive from or about other characters, their surroundings, etc.  Also include trials and events, and possibly even background information.

Facebook is not permitted at school, so the students took screenshots of their character’s walls and then used them in their presentations.

Final part 1

Final part 2

final part 3

final 4

One group preferred to record themselves scrolling through their account while at home and then describing it live in class.

I loved the creativity the students exhibited during this project.  I’m a very proud teacher right now.

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