End of the Year Survey

Changes to Adapt for 2013-2014

1.  A fuller incorporation of benchmarks and standards into my lesson and assessments.

This may be a bit misleading, so let me clarify: I use the standards and benchmarks while creating my lessons, and I use the language while introducing our lessons as to allow my students an insight into our daily objectives.  A search for Othello resources directed me to a final exam where the teacher broke down the test questions not by format-style (multiple choice, True/False, or essay) but by standard.



“Mastery Quiz 3 Othello and Grammar Final Test”

2.  Create more videos for class

This will be part of my Flipped Classroom platform for next year, but I think that students respond positively to the audio/visual combination.  I’ve been inspired by other classroom videos and will keep you updated on my progress.

3.  Outside of class reading

In the past, I have required students to complete Reading Logs, but they always end up being more of a grade reducer than improvement.


I want to do something that encourages students to read outside of class, but hate the idea that they’re doing so for a grade.  I’d love to see them read because of intrinsic motivation, but then again I would not have done additional math problems because it kept my mind sharp or it was “good for me.”

Part of my year-end agenda is a student-answered teacher/class survey.  I am eager to hear what my students thought of the class and my instructional style.  It’s important for students to feel that they have a voice, and even though it’s anonymous, I hope that they feel like they are being valued.  I have my own opinions about what I would like to change for next year, but the students’ opinions will help to solidify those changes.

Mrs. Ferrari & 9th grade English – Performance Survey

Survey 1

Survey 2
Survey 3

5 thoughts on “End of the Year Survey

  1. Hey fav teacher (; I read this and thought of a way an old teacher of mine got us to read. She would allow the students to pick a book of our choice and then assign us as one of the main characters in the book. She would then ask us to follow ”ourselves” throughout the book and figure out our characters personality and storyline. At the end of the book the students would write an essay on how their character was like them in ways and different in others ways ,based on what the character did in the story. The students would be eager to see what happened to ”them” and figuring out ”their” characteristics and personality. I think its a good way to get them to want to read. But i thought i would just give you an idea. Btw you are a great teacher ,so no worries there(:

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