In Honor of Boston

My heart is absolutely broken over the tragic events of yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon.  What a senseless act of cowardice and malice.  As a runner, as a human, I send my support to all of those affected.  Today, I am wearing a race shirt as a symbol of the strength, courage, and dedication of the wounded, the runners, the police and emergency staff, and all other volunteers who rushed to the aid of the fallen, even in the gripping fear of the vicious and destructive unknown.


Some may find it overly sentimental or ridiculous, but there is strength in uniting, for standing together.  I don’t have children of my own, and I don’t know how you would explain yesterday’s events to them.  But I do know that there still is more good in this world than evil.  And I remember the words of a great man, comfort in a time of confusion and fear:


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