What I Forgot to Tell You

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 4.23.19 AM
I’ve been so lost and distracted by my classwork, keeping on top of my on students and their curriculum, and workin’ it at the gym that I forgot that I’m running in a race tomorrow!  Well, I didn’t forget, I’ve just been quietly ignoring it and hoping for the best.

Actually, I’ve been tapering this week in preparation for the Gate River Run 15k tomorrow morning, so my mileage has been rather low.  I haven’t done a true long run in a few weeks, but I’me feeling confident that I’ll be able to do just fine tomorrow.

It’s not my first 15k that I have completed half-you-know-whated; I compete my first 15k two years ago in Utica, NY with my sisters and Dan.


Last night I did my measurements to see how much progress I have made with my training for the past month. I do have before and after photos, but those will never see the light of day until I get to my final destination.  But I will share with you that I dropped 2.5% in body fat percentage and lost 7.5 total inches!



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