For the Week of March 4th

Happy Monday, Fancy Oatmeal readers!  I hope you had a wonderful Sunday; plenty of rest and rejuvenation before the work week begins anew.

Dan and I went to our first MSU Alumni Association gathering for North Florida.  The Spartans took on our #1 rival, the lack of leadership on the court & horrific officials Michigan Wolverines.  It was a great excuse to meet up with some new faces and get more involved in the city.  We met at the Blackfinn restaurant, which was a wonderful hosting site.


Everyone we met was super nice, and it was great having the camaraderie in our love of Michigan State, and abhorrence for anything that tacky maize and blue.

MSU North Florida Alumni

Even though we didn’t win, the game was amazing to watch right up until the last second.  Thankfully I had something to console my wounded ego.

MSU Alumni Collage

Let me show you that platter of SOUTHERN NACHOS again:

Nachosbarbeque pulled pork, corn tortilla chips, chipotle queso, jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole

Thankfully, Dan and I split them, and I only indulged in about 1/3 of the plate, but that was enough to send me right to my planner to schedule out my fitness plan for the week:
Workout 3-4-13

Weekly Menu 3-4-13

2 thoughts on “For the Week of March 4th

    • I know I should be ashamed for posting those nachos!

      I didn’t end up running the half because of an injury that kept me from training. I was afraid it would be a horrible experience.

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