March Beginneth a New Routine-eth

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Photo Source

Perhaps I’ve finally learned that no matter how much I try to forget you, Blog and Its Readers, I’ll never be able to pull myself away from you completely.  So here I am, ready to jump back into this blogging game.  I have to keep telling myself that I don’t have to tear out hours of my day to feel fulfilled by writing here.  I just need to sort out a few thoughts that are swimming around in my head, type them out in a hopefully cogent format, and spice it up with some photos and gifs that keep at least myself entertained.


The truth is that this blog and the process of maintaining it is quite therapeutic, which is what I need right now.  I’m knee-deep in some emotional issues, which are manifesting themselves in some self sabotage of the general progress that I’m making in other areas.

Example #1:

1.  A friend of mine that I thought was becoming one of those “we met as adults and became besties” is turning out to be not quite that.  I feel a MAJOR teenage insecurity relapse right now, and I’m trying to keep all of the adulthood lessons I’ve learned/maturity in mind as I try to meander my way through it.


What does Example #1 do to me?  It causes me to feel insecure and out of control.  What can I control?  The junk that I eat!  I am falling into some counterproductive eating habits lately, mostly mindless eating.  “What sounds good?”



So clearly I need to follow the credo that has gotten me somewhere in the past, which is not just in the fitness department but in life:

Control what you can;

Let go of what you can’t.

Have faith that life is good;

Look for the light.



So with that being said, I am going to set some new goals for March:

Emotional Harmony

  • Use this blog is a therapy session, and own the feelings that I have to write about.
  • Make a list of at least five things that I LOVE about my life and the people in it.
  • Do something for me, even if that means that I take an hour away from the madness to talk to you =)


  • Continue my strength training progress (more details to come) by maintaining my four-day split schedule
  • Run five days a week
  • Chart my workouts to see the progress that I’m making on the paper


  • Preplan what my day is going to look like
  • Don’t bring anything into the house that I wouldn’t want to put into my body

What are some new things you’re going to try this month?


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