Midweek Mind Dump

Happy Wednesday!  I’m happy that today is the middle of the week because I’ve had my eyes set on the weekend ever since my alarm clock went off Monday morning.  Maybe it’s due to the change from break to a regular work schedule, the temperature, the Mayan gods angry about being shown up on their End-of-the-World predictions…who knows, but this week I’ve been feeling the grind extra grande!  R&R is definitely on this weekend’s agenda.


Because I’m so drained, mentally and physically (the physical is only caused by the mental…damn mental) I really don’t have a theme for today (which has never stopped me before), but have random things to share with you, so here goes!

1.  The Spring Semester began on Monday for my first TESOL focused class.  I’m loving the distance-learning program through the University of Cincinnati.  


They recently switched from trimesters to semesters, and the longer marking periods will be another thing that I appreciate about my program.  The class I’m taking is a master’s level research course; even though I’ve taken at least 20 other master’s level classes, the refresher will be beneficial.  And maybe this old dog can learn some new tricks.


2.  Over the weekend I needed a break in between grading some papers, so I decided to look up some of the videos on Youtube that feature people who have gotten their wisdom teeth pulled (random, I know) because I’ve seen pins on Pinterest under the “Humor” category.  I swear you guys, I laughed and laughed, and then made Dan watch with me.

There’s another video that’s almost 19 minutes long that’s pretty good too.

3.  It’s Spirit Week at school and I’ve been participating so far, but actual photos are not yet available.  Do you remember what themes your high school used for your Spirit Week?  I remember things like:

  • 60’s Day
  • Backwards Day
  • Hat Day
  • Spirit Day (wore school colors)

Our schedule has been:

  • 80’s Day (doesn’t that make you feel old?!?!?) – I had nottin’, so I dressed like I was in my 80’s
  • Character Day (Dress up like your favorite character) – I chose Carmela Soprano; photos to come
  • Spirit Day
  • Wacky Tacky Day
  • Pajama Day

I’m looking forward to Friday and waking up 5 minutes before we have to leave the house =)


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