Alternative Cardio

Happy Monday morning everyone!  I hope your weekend was restful and  rejuvenating for the upcoming week.  I definitely took advantage of my free time because starting today, things are going to be getting more and more hectic!

1.  Our school is offering FCAT (Florida’s standardized testing) tutoring on Saturdays from now until the 13th of April.    It’s only a two-hour commitment, but it will definitely have an impact on the flow of my weekends.


2.  Today marks the official first day of the Spring semester at the University of Cincinnati, and my first class towards my TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) focus in my master’s program.  


One way that I took advantage of my last homework and tutoring-free weekend was to organize and sort out boxes in our office.

Before 1

I didn’t run on Sunday, but I sure did work up a sweat, running up and down the stairs and hefting heavy storage bins in and out of closet spaces.  I think the most difficult of all was making the decisions as to what would stay and what would go.

Before 2

I’m more of a purger than a keeper, and I was amazed at how much STUFF I had brought with us to Florida that I realized we really don’t need.


I am the most pleased with the closet space.  I didn’t bother to take a “before” photo because it was definitely embarrassing, but I did take one shot of all of the empty boxes that littered the storage space.


On the running front, I did get in my AM run of 7 miles:

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 6.03.43 AM

My favorite part of seeing my results on the Nike Plus website is the little encouragement notes that they give you.


I’ll definitely be revisiting this when I get my first homework assignment later today!

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