Resolution Week One Check In

Raise your hand if you’ve already found your Resolution Eyes to be larger than your Get it Done Brain?


I created five resolutions for myself, five that I thought to be very achievable.  I purposely didn’t make them quantitative because I usually over-stretch with the figures, leaving me feeling depressed and discouraged.  So this year, any improvement that I see in the five areas will be a boost to my motivation.

1.  Quality workouts – SUCCESS!


I have run everyday since January 1st, even on Friday after I skipped my morning workout (see above statement).  I ended up having more time than I thought before heading out for some dinner and cosmic bowling with friends, so I did a quick 5 miles on the treadmill.  I’m also preplanning my workouts, at least for the week ahead.  The changes in my body have helped to keep me motivated.

2.  Reading to Replace TV – Iffy

I have been doing more reading, but it’s all school-related, which isn’t bad because I’m test-driving some novels for the fourth quarter group work.  I broke down and downloaded the third season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on iTunes, so I don’t know if you would call that a step forward or not.


3.  Take better care of the house – Check


Laundry was done, which included sheets.  For some reason, I really REALLY despise having to wash sheets.  It’s probably because I hate making up the bed.  I can already hear my husband saying, “Then why do I have to do it every morning?!?!?”  There’s a difference between making and bed, and making UP the bed.

Making the bed = pulling the sheets and comforter back into place after a night of sleeping

Making up the bed = putting the sheets on a mattress, followed by comforter and pillows.


Mind blown?!?!  Oh yea!

4.  Slowing down to enjoy the present and

5.  Be Happier- mostly yes


While I’ll never be one who can ignore the urge to plan and preplan my life, I have found small ways to enjoy the “now” more than I was.


  • Last night, Dan and I helped to chaperone the Homecoming dance at our school.  Instead of looking at my watch and counting down to how soon it would be that I could be back in my natural state of pajama pant-ness, I enjoyed the time with my students, appreciating that this was a time in their lives that they would look back at as a peak, not something they wished would hurry up and be done with.

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

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