26 Mile Memorial and First Day Back

Over the holiday break, I signed up for an event on Facebook called 26 Mile Memorial for 26 Lives (Sandy Hook).  The creator of the event, Melissa Dawn Hackett, posted:

For the whole month of January we will be putting in 26 miles of your favorite exercise. For every mile is in respect of one life lost and their families. Please record your effort and set goals. Example: For every mile I run/walk I will donate $1 to the Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary. (Details will be provided for donations) Please note it is only a personal choice of a donation individually or as a team. Whatever you want to sacrifice as a per mile goal is entirely your choice. It can be as easily as one mile for cooking a homemade meal or refusing chocolate. Anything at all is a help! You make your own rules while achieving 26 miles!
Provided is a couple of links in regards to how you can help and/or show your support!



I have decided that for every mile that I run in the month of January, I am going to donate $1 to the United Way Sandy Hook School Support Fund.


If you’re also a runner/walker/elliptical user/cyclist/pogo stick hopper or any other mover and shaker, I encourage you to do the same, or any dollar amount that you see fit to donate.

If you’re interested in sponsoring me in my attempt to raise as much money as possible, your support is greatly appreciated.  I’m asking people to pledge either a $ amount per mile or one payment.  I will keep you updated as to my monthly progress.

*                        *                         *                           *                             *

Yesterday was my last day of vacation before heading back to the classroom.  I know that nobody likes to hear this, but you know it’s true: after a certain amount of time, I think we’re all ready to head back to routine.  I was ready, mentally, to return to work, but I definitely knew that I needed to take advantage of the extra “me” time, so I decided to run a quick 5 miles on the treadmill and follow it up with a loop around the UNF hiking trail.

I also completed an amazingly effective (read as “I’m sore”) booty workout.


This morning, fully loaded with 7 hours of sleep and a quarter cup of coffee, I decided to put my first New Year’s resolution into effect: I started my run 30 minutes early to ensure that I would have a better, more beneficial workout.

Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 6.14.13 AM

I followed this up with a round of “300 Abs” and a few upper body strength moves.

I’m really glad that I stuck to my guns, didn’t give into the voice in my head that encouraged me to take a Rest Day, and I regret nothing!

2 thoughts on “26 Mile Memorial and First Day Back

  1. That was some booty busting exercising! Compare it to this strength training plan I devised: 3 sets of

    10 squats, 25 crunches, 10 bicep curls, 10 triceps thingies, 10 shoulder raise whatchamacallits

    Thought I was dying. 🙂

    You seriously knocked it out of the ballpark!


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