More and Less in 2013

It’s time for the OFFICIAL Fancy Oatmeal Blog 2013 Resolutions…nothing like waiting until literally the last minutes of the year to get this stuff figured out!


Taking the advice of some more-better educationalists in this area, my list is based on a “More of this, Less of that” format.

1.  More quality workouts, less “let’s try this.”


What might that resolution look like in real life?  I want to actually plan out my workouts in advance…I usually write something down, but that doesn’t always translate into action.  Preplanning is important as well as tracking the progress that you make in said workouts.  I know that I had become lazy about maintaining my weight training workouts once the school year started, so I had to drop down from 15lbs to 10lbs weights.  I’d like to get back to that.

2.  More reading, less reality TV


I have gotten myself in a situation where I fall asleep to old episodes of Real Housewives and/or a Bravo-based series. I know that it’s probably rotting my brain away, leaving me with pockets of working tissue that resemble a woodpecker’s final product.  So in order to wall-putty myself back together, I would like to replace at least 30 minutes of TV time with reading time.

3.  More slowing down and less rushing 


I know that sounds somewhat….ridiculous, but I really do want to try and slow my roll a bit this year, allowing myself to enjoy the moment in front of me, and not be so worried about what is going to happen next.  “Next” is one of those elements in life that usually causes me stress…what is the next step of our life?  what do I need to plan ahead for for the next class period?  what will we do next weekend?  when will be the next time I see my family?  this time went better than I expected, but what about next time?  How about I just stop, take a breath, and enjoy the moment I’m in?

4.  More pride in my home, less “that’ll do.”


Again, I need to explain this: right now, I’m doing the bare minimum to maintain my house.  I’m definitely not allowing the house to fall into squalor, but I’m not doing all of the things to make this house a home.  I need to do more:

  • Yard upkeep
  • Clean what is not necessarily seen
  • Organize my kitchen cupboards (now they’re just housing all the stuff)
  • Take advantage of our dining room table
  • Utilize office space more efficiently and effectively

5.  More full, less empty

Just in general, find the joy in life and enjoy


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