Sophie Snow Puppies

Early this morning, Michigan received it’s first snow of the Winter season.  I woke up bright and early, and watched as tiny flakes became fluffy and sticky.  Before you knew it, we went from green lawns and cleared driveways to this:


Not that it’s a lot of snow by any means, but when you’re used to a thunderstorm now and again as your most intrusive form of weather, it’s a bit off-putting.  Before I could groan about having to drive or walk in this mess, my mind immediately went to how well our darling little sunshine Sophie would take to the new environment.

Sophie's First Snow

Surprisingly well!  I bundled myself up, camera ready to capture Sohpie’s first experience in the snow.  I no more got out into the garage to walk her across the street to the neighborhood “dog park,” and she was racing ahead of me.  Thankfully I was able to slow her roll by restricting her leash to only a few feet.  Once we crossed the street, she took off like a bat out of…well, really quickly!  Sophie has never been one to spend a great deal of time in her process of selecting the right spot to do her business; a real wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kinda gal.  I laughed and laughed when she not only ran from corner to corner of the open lot, but she started making, what I’m coining as, Sophie Snow Puppies!

Check out our one minute video below so you can see her making some Sophie Snow Puppies:

Snowy Puppy

The good news is she won’t fuss about having to go outside and use the snowy facilities; the bad news is one of us still has to take her.  BRRRR!

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