Random Flavors

Without a thing planned today, and after a little breakfast and mint green tea, my mom and I decided that we would make a spontaneous Girls Day Out happen!

Our first stop was the 10:00 AM viewing of “The Guilt Trip,” starring Seth Rogen and the amazing Barbara Streisand.


It was a very cute movie, and I noticed some similarities between their relationship and my own with the various mother figures in my life =)  One might not see Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand as being a natural mix, what with the somewhat raunchy and in-your-face comedy style, and Babs’ more traditional and, well…mother-friendly reputation.  However, it worked and was quite believable; great on-screen chemistry.

Afterwards, Mom and I had a wonderfully delicious lunch at Bravo!  We decided to order and split a pizza and a lunch salad.  I got to choose the pizza; Mom the salad.

Mom chose the Grilled Chicken Chopped Salad: thinly sliced chicken, Gorgonzola, spicy pecans, mixed greens and crispy pasta tossed in a Tuscan Italian dressing:

Notice those damn tempting breadsticks in the background?  Jerks.

Notice those damn tempting breadsticks in the background? Jerks.

Delicious!  The contrasting flavors of the savory, creamy Gorgonzola against the walnuts was amazingly delightful.

Chicken Salad 2

I wanted something a little non traditional for our toppings since I’ve been so spoiled with Mom’s ability to make homemade pizza.  I chose the Verduta Pizza, which was topped with roasted asparagus, portobellos, tomatoes and red onions with Fontina and Boursin cheeses finished with fresh basil.

Pizza 1

Pizza 2

Stomaches full, chuckles and Girl Talk thoroughly enjoyed, Mom and I headed off to pick out some tea lights from Yankee Candle.  I have to admit that I’m not much of a candle burner, but instead use plug-in diffusers from Bath and Body Works.  I’m usually a vanilla or cinnamon fan, so choosing from so many different Christmas-style scents was a bit overwhelming.  My overall assessment was that there are only 4 flavors that I really liked, many smelled artificially outdoorsy, and some just gave me that Vicks Vapor Rub feeling.

Mom and I chose on Sugared Apple:


While Mom was checking out, I continued to browse, coming across some of the more creative flavor concoctions.

Favorite Things 2 Favorite Things

Notice the names?  All of these candles are named after the favorite things in the song, “Favorite Things” sung in the musical, “The Sound of Music.”

P.S. – I’ve never had schnitzel that tasted like mild vanilla and cookie dough, and I’m seriously concerned about where they got kitten whiskers to smell-test to make the right flavor.

Pinecone and Lime

FINALLY!  I cannot tell you how many emails I have sent to the Yankee Candle Customer Service department, begging them to combine the most obvious of holiday scents!  When the Scentologists revealed the Pinecone and Lime candle to the world, it must have been as powerful as the first time that Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Will Smith were in the same room together.

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