Memory Lane

Happy Wednesday morning!

After a much-improved, respiratory-friendly 4 mile run and this weights workout:

Upper Body Workout

I actually completed this with 15# weights, but am too lazy to change it on the photo.

and a rendition of the 300 Abs Workout:

tumblr_mcfwvrKoGs1qgv2q5o1_400I decided to take a photo of myself, which you know I don’t really like to do because I’m so damn self-conscious, but anything for my mom fans, to see if you can see any changes to my physique:


What the H is the Rock cookin’ to get those legs???  And how do I get em…the legs…and the rest of the body.

Anyways, what I really did after my workout was go through a few more storage tubs full of my childhood memorabilia that my parents have been keeping for me, but now that I own a house, it’s put up or throw it out on the curb.    I had an absolute blast going down memory lane, seeing my old dolls, my high school graduation cap and gown, letters that I wrote to friends, journals, and an assortment of toys that I played with from ages 2 to 14.

As I went through one last bin, I literally squealed with delight when I saw my Barbie doll collection, featuring the most awesome New Kids on the Block and ORIGINAL 90210 Barbies!!!!

Dolls Collage

Oh. My. Gawd!  I was absolutely in love with recreating storylines from 90210, which did NOT have Brenda get left for Kelly.  There usually was some sort of drama in which Dylan (90210) would go head-to-head against Jordan (NKOTB).  Danny (NKOTB) being the muscle head and gym rat, he would train Dylan, who was tough yet sensitive and did not have a naturally aggressive soul.  Donnie (90210) would break up the fight right before the first punch was thrown because he was the oldest and had the most level head.

One thing to note: All of the New Kids on the Block dolls came with rat tails.

Remember this atrocious fashion statement?

Remember this atrocious fashion statement?

I had forgotten until I saw the dolls yesterday, but I was a pretty ballsy young lady who didn’t conform to trends.  After opening the package for each one of my New Kids on the Block dolls, I immediately removed said rat tails.

Rat Tails

I pointed out where you can see the tiny hole in the back of each one of their heads where their hair used to be.  Ugh.  I knew it was horrific, even as a 9 year old.

In other reunion news, Dan took Sophie down to his parents’ house yesterday so that she and his parents’ dog, Sally, could get to know each other.  Sally has been in the family since Dan was in college, so there was definitely an age different, but both dogs are so sweet and mild with people that we weren’t worried.  Dan sent me some photos and it seems as though Sally had some territorial issues.

DogsHow awesome is it that neither one of the dogs would even look at each other?  DRAMA!  Actually they got along just fine, after they came to a pecking-order agreement.  Sophie, you may be on my couch, but you have not earned rights to a blanket, yet.

Dogs 2

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