Since Last We Spoke

The very first thing that I have to address before getting to anything of a frivolous nature is how absolutely and totally devastated I am about the events that occurred last week on Friday in Newtonwn, Connecticut.  My heart absolutely breaks…it literally aches every time I think about what has happened.  I don’t want to get political or talk about gun control, safety precautions, or how the media has been handling the event.  This is not where we should be focusing right now.  Right now there is an entire town who need our love, our support, and encouragement through prayer, outreach, and love.

Friday was our last day of school before the break, and we were so full of life and excitement with our students.  At lunch time, I was asked by a student who was leaving early to drop off a gift to another teacher for him.  When I walked into Ms. C’s classroom, she was sobbing at her desk.  I thought something had happened to her son, or who knew what.  She told me what happened in Connecticut, and said, “We’re just having such a good time, enjoying ourselves and then something like this happens…it’s just so…it just makes you think.”

I believe what happened in Connecticut was pure evil, not an adjective but the noun evil.  The same way that, pardon my reliance on my English background, Grendel from Beowulf was Evil reincarnated in the physical and living form of a monster.  In my heart, Evil can only be combatted with love, kindness, and faith.  I don’t know why such things happen, but when they do the only thing to do is not to question our faith; faith in humanity, the system, or our faith.  It is the time to rely on it further to strengthen us to do our best for those who need it most in this time of darkness.


*                          *                         *                        *                            *                            *                        *

Saturday was a complete blur as my mini family and I headed north, making pretty good time.  We stopped occasionally to let the little princess out for fresh air and other “business.”  Sophie did a really great job of just hanging out in the backseat and keeping an eye on traffic from time to time.  Being so vigilant for a 17 hour car ride really tires a doggy out, so she slept the majority of Sunday, but what’s new?

Sleepy Dog

A belated birthday celebration was the theme of Sunday at my parents’ house, and it was wonderful!  My mom made Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup (recipe), grilled Salmon Salads, and we even took a timeout to make some homemade granola (recipe).


After filling our bellies, my family FINALLY!!!! let me open my birthday gifts from my parents.  I am such a lucky lady! My mom knew that I had been looking for a Coach purse for quite some time, saving up my extra dimes and nickels for  awhile, but never able to fully commit.  Knowing me better than anybody else, she was able to take my tastes and found the most beautiful purse.

I love it because I’ll be able to use it all year round, not feeling like it’s too dark for summer (which is a legit worry that I have with my bags).  In addition to this, my dad spent the time and energy to clean up his old toolbox that he used for his 30 year career as a machine toolmaker.  
ToolboxHe worked for a company called Olofsson, which was just one piece of the entire car manufacturing puzzle.  He used this toolbox on a daily basis, and you can tell that the beautiful oak wood was cared for despite being used in a factory setting.

Toolbox 2

It’s no secret that I love little drawers and organizational tools, so this was an absolutely perfect gift for me.

Toolbox Collage

Between my thoughtful gifts from my students, in-laws and sister, the tickets to “The Book of Mormon” from my husband, and these two treasures, I am so incredibly fortunate and know that I am loved.

Purse Collage

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