Early Christmas Gift

My life is so tough.


Ok, so maybe it’s the total opposite. Ok, so there is NO maybe.  I have it REALLY REALLY good!  This morning, my mom and I are going to cash in my early Christmas gift from my husband: a 2012 Holiday Gift Package for two!

Innova Salon


There is a fabulous new salon and spa in the Lansing area that my mom has been to a few times, and Dan knowing how much I deserve love being pampered, he hooked me up!  Included in the spa package are the following treatments:



I don’t know which one I am more excited to try out!

Most people would consider today to be a day of rest and pampering, so would take the morning off from the treadmill.  Not this gal!  I decided to run 5 miles and get in a leg and abs workout:

Legs and Abs Workout


I didn’t workout on Saturday or Sunday, and I’m pretty sure that it did take it’s toll, but the break shouldn’t have affected me as much as it did.  I had to stop several times on the treadmill to catch my breath that was unusually erratic.  My lungs were just all over the place!!!



I cut my run down to only 3 miles, and will try again tomorrow, unless my body is massaged and coddled into a fantastic siesta.

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