Half a Book Club Meeting

I’m pretty new to official book club meetings, but in my mind there are three ingredients that are required to make a successful evening out:

  1. Book Readers
  2. Books
  3. FOOD!


My book club Meetup last night had about 50% of those requirements, but 100% of the good times.  As you know, I ended up only reading about 2/3 of our chosen novel, Cloud Atlasso I should be the last person to gripe about any part of last night not being fully up to expectations.

The Good:

  • I met two very nice fellow book lovers
  • Because only one of the two other ladies had read Cloud Atlas, I was able to get away with not having finished it.  A short synopsis and provocative trailer for our third friend was provided, and an opportunity for me to get away not feeling like a total heel.
  • We chose the next two books for our upcoming January book club.  Yes, I said two!  The three of us decided to choose two titles so that in case some of the other members had already read one, they could choose from the other.  Also, if only one book is chosen and it’s just not working for someone, they have a fall back title.  

Our January book titles:




Remember how much I love John Green & The Fault in Our Stars??

Can you guess which was my suggestion?


The Bad:

  • We chose to meetup and dish our thoughts about the book over some delicious California Pizza Kitchen.  After about 45 minutes of gabbing and small talk after placing our orders, the two girls and I noticed that we still did not have our food.  We called our waitress over and she was as puzzled as we were because she had, “placed our order 15 minutes ago.”  After another 20 minutes of trying to figure out where our food orders had gone, the staff realized that they hadn’t ever placed it.  We decided that it was a little too late to be placing orders and we called it a night.  I came home to a turkey sandwich and Goldfish crackers with my home team.  

Two out of three ain’t bad.


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