Cleaning Out My iPhone Photos

Tonight I decided to do a little cleanup around the house as we prepare to head home for the holidays, and it brought to mind that I have some organizing that I should be doing on my iPhone and iPad.  I’m a serial app downloader, and I have WAY more apps on my devices than I actually use, so it was time to eliminate some of the less used ones – AKA NEVER use.


While in the middle of deciding whom to cut, I noticed that I have a lot of random photos on my phone because since the switch from iPhone 4 to 5, I’ve been reduced to only one power cord down from four.  I usually keep a cord in the following places:

  • Downstairs next to my laptop for syncing
  • Next to my bed, on the nightstand, to charge at night
  • In the car for charging
  • One at school for charging (in an emergency)



Whatever; I consider it insurance for the lazy lady who doesn’t want to run up and down the steps 15 times.

Random iPhone Photos

Two new outfits that I wore this week at work, and the pair of black riding boots that I finally had enough courage to wear:

Wardrobe Collage


The three gifts that I have received so far from my Secret Santa:

Rocket Reindeer


The BEST, HAND’S DOWN, used bookstore that I have EVER been to: Chamblin’s Book Mine in downtown Jacksonville:

Chamblins 2


From their website:

Chamblin Bookmine has been selling new, used, and rare books in Jacksonville, Florida since 1976.  We display over 55,000 sq. ft. of books at our two retail locations.  

Our book inventory is about 98% used/rare, and 2% new books.  Our generous book trade-in and purchasing policy insures an ever increasing and interesting selection of used books for customer browsing. We stock selected new books to enhance our title selection in various used book categories.

Chamblins 1

With all of those books, do you think I could have just visited without buying a few titles?  OH NO!

I added:





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