A Day Out in Photos

Our Saturday was completely filled with so much fun and exploring that the best way to share with you would be through photos.  After I walked the UNF hiking trails TWICE!!!, Dan, myself, and our friend Chris headed out to St. Augustine.

1.  St. Augustine: The Old Spanish Fort

The Fort Fort 2 The Fort 3 Fort 4 Fort 5 Fort 6Every hour, the volunteers at the Old Spanish Fort do a cannon-firing demonstration.  Below is the video that I took of the entire production.  Enjoy!

Cannon Demonstration at the Old Spanish Fort

2.  Lunch @ Casa Maya
Lunch 4

The Burrito Vegetariano:

Lunch 2

Lunch 3

3.  Afternoon Sweet Delights via Savannah Sweets


Sweets 5 Sweets 4 Sweets 2

Ritz cracker & PB sandwiches dipped in chocolate.

Sweets 3Yes, those are chocolate covered marshmallows on a stick!

Back in Jacksonville…

4.  Brewery Tour at Bold City BreweryBold City

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