Back on Track and Secret Santa

After clearing the sleepy cobwebs this morning, I was very excited about trying out my new New Balance running shoes!

New Balance 1


I don’t know if it was the new shoes, taking a day off, or a combination of both, but all the aches that I had in my right ankle are completely gone now.  I knew that I should take it easy, but once I got going, I really felt good.  I was able to log in 3 miles to start off my workout.  Added to everything else I’ve done this month, I’m at almost 18 miles.

December Runs


Afterwards, I did the following workouts:

  • Jackie Warner’s Lower Body Circuit Workout
  • Two sets of my own Upper Body Workout with 12lbs. weights

Upper Body Workout

  • A series of “300 Abs”



I left our workout room covered in sweat, but feeling good!

Side Note:  Part of me has been feeling a little bit guilty about the reduced number of miles that I’m running each week.  I’ve been running between 4-6 miles per day in the past with an additional Long Run day while training for a half marathon.  I sort of miss those days, and I really do worry that when I start training for the Disney Princess Half, I may struggle getting my base back.  Should I start adding more miles or just enjoy that I don’t have to take my running so seriously at this point?  Who knows!

Snape Oh Well Gif


Tonight when Dan and I got home from work, we were pleasantly surprised at one of the envelopes that was in the mail for us.  It was a large, manila envelope with a return address of Publix Super Market.  Inside was a gift card from our “Secret Santa!!!!!”


I have a few guesses as to whom this delightfully generous person(s) may be, and to them,  Dan and I say, “THANK YOU!”




2 thoughts on “Back on Track and Secret Santa

  1. I have enjoyed your blog and commented several times. I chuckle to myself at how much you remind me of my husband and me. I mentioned before that he is a streak runner – he hit 4 years last week. You reminded me of him when you started your holiday streak. Then 3 years ago, he gave up processed sugar – or at least he cut back on it a lot. At first he gave it up cold turkey. But now he allows himself monthly dairy queen, birthday cake and holidays. He gave up coke, lemonade, everything but water and milk about 7 years ago. His will power amazes me. I definitely do not have it and I am amazed that he doesn’t seemed bothered as I eat cookies and ice cream in front of him. Oh and I love New Balance shoes. I almost exclusively run on treadmills but the New Balance Trail shoes are the ones that I can now order and don’t have to worry about issues about my feet. Charlie is exclusively Nike and the brighter color the shoe, the better! This post on bright, New Balance shoes was perfect. I don’t do very many organized runs anymore but I did blog about a very special walk I did on Thanksgiving and finishing my 2012 running goal – although not as elegantly as I would have hoped!

    • I am totally in awe of your husband’s will power as well! As you may have seen by now, I slipped a bit and had some of the world’s most delicious popcorn! I suppose I could use the excuse that I didn’t want to be rude to our guest =)

      I had my feet and gait analyzed about two years ago, and so I feel fairly confident when ordering my running shoes through the mail, however the pair before my New Balances did NOT workout well at all! I loved them because they were 1.) on sale and 2.) BRIGHT BLUE. Sadly, they are now exclusively my trail walking shoes.

      On Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 8:19 AM, Fancy Oatmeal

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