New Technology



Guess what came in the mail last night!!!  My new iPhone 5!

I was eagerly anticipating the end of November, and not just because of how much I was looking forward to December.  I was due for an upgrade on my cell phone on the 30th of November, and decided to order my new iPhone online instead of going to the Verizon store.

My last cell was only the iPhone 4, so now I’m totally up to date!


Apple has made things to easy to make the transition from one phone to another that it only took about 10 minutes to setup my new phone, but that didn’t keep me from holding my breath when I tried to sync for the first time.


For dinner, Dan and I chose to try a new restaurant.  We were missing our Mediterranean favorite, La Marsa’s, so we ordered Chicken Kabobs and Grape Leaves from The Olive Gill MediterraneanOlive Grill

The food was pretty good…but when you have a favorite, it’s difficult to find contentment with another restaurant.  My favorite part was the chicken, which was tender but had a generic flavor.  The Mediterranean salad was zippy and tangy.

Olive Grill 2

I was really pretty disappointed in only one thing: the grape leaves.  Between my mother-in-law, La Marsa’s, and our friend’s Turkish version, there really was no competition.Olive Grill 3

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