Deliveries and Ended Streaks

Today marks the official end of my 2012 Holiday Running Streak, and 110% of the blame falls on one pair of shoulders:

InnocentRight around 1am this morning, I was awakened by this little lady’s barks from just outside our bedroom door.  I’m a pretty light sleeper, so I wasn’t surprised when this happened, and once I’ve had a couple of hours of sleep under my belt, it’s difficult for me to return to my cozy slumber.  Instead of letting my brain drift back to dreams of living in John Green’s literary world, I started making lists of things to worry about…

“Am I doing enough to prepare my students for their standardized tests in April?…When will we clean the house before we have a guest this weekend?…If I don’t get to sleep soon, how will I be able to get up in time to workout?…If I don’t workout in the morning, will I be strong willed enough to eat 100% healthy?…What will I pack for our trip to Michigan in a few weeks?…Will we really be able to drive it all in one day with the dog in the car?”

And on and on until I sat myself up in bed, shook my head clear and turned on an episode of “Arrested Development” on my iPad.  My lesson was learned:  1.) The dog sleeps downstairs from now on, and 2.) Find something to distract my meandering, worrisome mind ASAP.

In other news, Dan and I have had some great deliveries to the house lately, and not just my new cell phone.  Back when my parents were down visiting us, my mom helped me pick out a lovely accent table for next to our front door.  Usually I am hesitant to order furniture online, but I’m a big fan of, and most of their pieces arrive already assembled, or only a few steps of construction are needed.  When the table arrived, I was very excited to get it setup, however it arrived damaged.  The good news was that it was not permanently out of commission, but would take some TLC to put it back together with some minor additions.  After taking photos and contacting Overstock, they agreed that the condition that it arrived it was unacceptable, and gave us a full refund.  After week or so of putzing with it, Dan had the table back on all four legs, and looking good!


Entrance 2


I like that there’s now a place where we can store our shoes, keys, and other odds and ends that help us get out of the door more quickly and better prepared to take on the day.

Speaking of things that arrived in the mail, I also ordered a new pair of running shoes.  Amazon advertised a sale on their running shoes, and I am in the market for a replacement pair.  The last pair of running shoes that I have been using have over 400 miles on them, and I’m pretty sure that means they should be replaced.

New Balance 3

I chose to purchase a pair of New Balance running shoes and thought that something brighter than my usual color palate would be a nice change.  Usually I choose a white base with a color accent, but these babies just called to me.

New Balance 2I’ve run with New Balance shoes in the past and really enjoyed them.  They’ve never given me foot pain or callouses, so when you combine that with a 60% discount, I can’t say no.

New Balance 1

6 thoughts on “Deliveries and Ended Streaks

  1. Love that table AND those shoes!! I haven’t run in New Balance before. I’m in need of a pair as well since I have over 400 miles on my Brooks. Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

    I broke my streak on Monday but got back in the game and STILL calling it a streak. My streak. 🙂


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