How Did First Sugar Free Night Go?

Ironically, the very day that I decide I’m not going to eat anymore processed sugar, a student offered me a huge piece of birthday cake.  How can you say no to a student?


So I didn’t.  UGGGGG!

Thankfully, the school-sugar hound must have smelled the commercial grade frosting and LITERALLY entered my classroom just as the cake-wielding student left.  I had a great excuse to give away my piece of cake without feeling like a total heel.phew

Flash forward to after dinner tonight…this was on a loop in my mind…


But then I was strong!  I thought I should get creative and do something to distract myself, but then this thought popped up:178314466466701814_WbZQ5Pym_c



So I decided to read some chapters in my book club novel, Cloud Atlas, but my mind kept wandering to my broken, cakeless heart.


Sipping water, checking stuff out online, and patting my back for each minute that passes without a slip has helped to keep me sugar-free.

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