A New December Challenge

This may not exactly be the best time of the year to attempt my next goal; the only other time of the year that would tempt the living daylights out of me would be Halloween.  Got any guesses as to what habit I’m going to try and quit?



I’ve got a real sweet tooth going on lately.  It’s not out of hand, it’s just there…and I have not been able to compartmentalize my sweet treats to that: a treat.  It all sounds so simple and innocent.

“I”m just going to make some Country Apples in my crockpot

“An oatmeal raisin cookie while we go out and grab some Subway, sure!”

“I’ve got to use up these apples so, how about cake?!?!”

I realized it might be time to make a lifestyle change when it got to the point last night I was feeling a little twitchy when I wasn’t getting enough sweets.

NOT a photo of me...yet.

NOT a photo of me…yet.

I’ve done a processed sugar purge before, and it was not easy so I am really not happy with myself that I let my eating habits get to this point again.  I’m doing a pretty darn good job of sticking to my stricter workouts, but I’m not seeing enough results, and I’m crediting that to my eating habits.


So how does one go about breaking the sugar addiction cycle?  Here are the things that have worked for me, so maybe they’ll work for you too if you need some help stepping away from the M&Ms and baked goods.

Steps to Breaking the Sugar Addiction Cycle

  1. Get rid of all of the sugar-triggers in your house.  Out of sight, out of mind!  For me, that will include the processed sugar junk: M&Ms, Hershey Kisses, & sweeteners for my coffee.  In addition, I will not be adding more to the stockpile by baking things that just aren’t necessary.  
  2. Find an alternative – for me, I know that I’ll continue to say to myself, “Gee, something sweet would be quite delightful right now.”  I’m a lady and deserve to be talked to like one, so don’t judge my self-talk.  Anyways, what works for me as a replacement is fruit and yogurt.  I know that it’s not nearly as sweet (and in some opinions as satisfying) as chocolate or pastries.  However, once you get done eating it, your brain will NOT know the difference! Some of the flavors of yogurts are so damn convincing as well!  I didn’t believe that I’d be tricked into enjoying some of the cake-flavored yogurts, but my hat’s off to you, Publix.  The Black Forest Cake and Carrot Cake flavors are AMAZE-BALLS!505CF36E-CC76-D3C3-4F68-9DB7A7A5B7914EE8717B-1BDF-2071-422F-A7CEE9A21126
  3. Change your sugary routine – I typically only eat the sweets at a certain time of the day: NIGHT.  So I’m going to have to find an alternative activity to keep my mind and hands busy when I want to get up and go digging around in the pantry after dinner.  Here are some suggestions: 30 Things You can Do Instead of Snacking
  4. Make a visual tracking chart  – This suggestion goes hand-in-hand for those people, like me, who get motivated by seeing their daily workout written down in their planners.  Seeing a chart or graph that tracks all of the consecutive days of being sugar-free will only motivate you to keep the streak going.
  5. Practice saying, “No thank you.” – I mentioned at the beginning of this post that this may not be the best time of the year to begin a sugar-purge with the holiday season in full swing.  There will be a lot of family parties, and if you have a family like mine, there’s always at least one major baker whose treats you’ve been lusting after all year.  Our family’s friend makes Buckeyes.  My aunt Susie is an old-school baker who makes pies that are to DIE FOR!  So how in the heck am I going to navigate my way through our social gatherings and not fall into a sugar quicksand trap?  It won’t be easy, but this is the best advice that I can give you to not offend your hostess or make you feel awkward:
  • “Oh no thank you!  I am so full I could not eat another bite.”

For me, sugar is a slippery slope, and I know that it will not be an easily accomplished goal.  However, I will give it my best, forgive myself when I slip up, and reward myself for a job well done.

3 thoughts on “A New December Challenge

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  2. Good gosh-I thought you were writing this post about me for awhile. Until I got to the part where you are going to “trim” your sugar intake. 🙂 My eating has gotten sooooo out of control lately! I have not packed on a total of 7 lbs since school started in August! WHAT? Something’s got to give. But I’m thinking it’s not going to be sugar. 🙂


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