Top Five Things I Love about December

Without hesitation, I would say that my favorite time of the year is the Fall.  I love the changing colors, the crispness of the air, and the apple and/or pumpkin flavored goodies…especially the apple lately.  This love affair that I have with September through November doesn’t meant that I cannot appreciate other times of the year.  In fact, if I were to choose a favorite month outside of those that comprise the Autumn, I would have to definitely go with December.

Top Five Things I Love about December


5.  The weather


The majority of the past 30 winters that I have spent on this glorious planet have had gorgeous Decembers.  It’s mostly cold enough for snow, and when it’s just on the cusp of being cold enough to turn rain into frosty tidbits, the flakes tend to be large and just right for catching on your tongue.  Also, we’re not so sick of the powdery fluff that the forecast containing snow doesn’t cause immediate groans and disgruntled shoveling.  And of course the cooler weather means that I get to wear my favorite category of clothing:


4.  The music


I have multiple albums of some musicians and artists that I wouldn’t think twice about owning their mainstream work, but give them a “Silent Night” or Christmas themed character to croon about, and I’m there.  Please don’t judge me but I currently own and listen to the following Christmas albums:

  • Glee the Music: The Christmas Album, Vol. 1 & 2
  • Christmas by Michael Bubble
  • Elvis Christmas by Elvis Presley
  • German Christmas by Die Korntaler
  • Holiday Sing Along with Mitch by Mitch Miller
  • Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber


I know.  There’s absolutely no excuse for this.

3.  My birthday



I’m getting to that ripe old age where I’m supposed to not look forward to my birthday anymore.  Bah Humbug!  I love my birthday and am REALLY excited for this year’s…in two weeks…on the 14th…of this month….in case you wanted to send gifts.

2.  Decorating for the holidays.



I really do love spending the time, unwrapping each red/green/white decoration and finding the perfect place for it around the house.  For one of the most awesome and creative wedding gifts, my cousins gave Dan and I several personalized Christmas ornaments.  This year was our first year really being able to use them, and it was so much fun discovering them all over again.




1.  Christmas

Of course!  All of the excitement of looking for just the right gift for each friend and family member;


counting down to seeing my family again after an extended hiatus; seeing the eagerness in the eyes of all my students;


anticipating what is wrapped inside the carefully decorated gift box with my name on it; Christmas festivities with friends;




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