December Goals

“Let’s Get Physical” Goals:


  • Run/Hike 70 miles.  In November, I ran/hiked 111 miles, but I was also training for a half marathon.  I am going to be taking it a little easier throughout December and won’t begin training for the 2013 Disney Princess Half until January.
  • Keep the Holiday Streak alive (once it’s been resuscitated from my last two days of inactivity)  I already know that I won’t be running on the day that Dan and I drive home for the holidays, but if I shuffle my feet for twenty-four minutes in the passenger seat, does that count as a seated 5k?
  • I want to do some form of strength training everyday, even if it’s just a few sets of crunches and squats before putting on my family holiday party outfit.  Ideally, I’d like to say that I would alternate between lower and upper body workouts.

Readin’ & Writin’ Goals:



I’m on a bit of a Vonnegut kick lately since my 9th graders and I have read “Harrison Bergeron.” I just happened to have downloaded a copy of Slaughterhouse Five since I have yet to read it.


Life Goals:



  • Find and make an appointment with a dentist (please don’t judge me)
  • Complete my Christmas cards & mail them by December 10th


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