Bonding Time

When you’ve been down with “the bug that’s going around” for two days, and the weather is rainy and chilly out, that means that no amount of Ks, Jingle Bell themed or not, will be ran today.  Sorry 2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk.  At least they’re two entry fees closer to their fundraising goal.  Thankfully I’ve always wanted a red Corvette tech shirt, so the $7.99 Target investment wasn’t a total waste either.

So what is the plan for today, if not a 5K?  Here’s a hint:

Comfy Night

The slippers are to help me feel better =)

After Dan volunteered to take me out of the house for the first time in 48 hours (brave soul that he is), we made a quick stop at Walmart for some needed Sophie food and paper towel.  We’re both always hopeful that the $5.00 DVD bin will offer up something somewhat watchable, and today was no different.  NADA.  However, the nearby $10.00 or less wrack did have something to our liking.

Oh Yesh

After watching the latest James Bond movie, we’ve been inspired to seek out other films in the series.  I have not seen a Bond movie that hasn’t stared Daniel Craig, so this could be either the most brilliant $30 we’ve ever spent, or a total waste of money.  But how can you go wrong when these are your stars:



I think my point is made.

In other news, a package arrived at the front door today.


Looks familiar?

EC 2

I was first introduced to the erin condren website over the summer by the woman that I want to be when I grow up: the author of A Bowl Full of Lemons.  I ordered my 2012-2013 life planner after seeing how beautiful and efficient her own copy was.  It’s just a coincident that I happen to have chosen the same pattern; no need to worry about stalkers.  Talk about a lemon!

Anyways, I received a coupon code from the erin condren website and decided to put it to good use and ordered these gift tags:


Everything about the erin condren site is extraordinarily charming, even down to their packaging.  Remember the envelope?  No?  Well here you go:


The way in which each product is bundled makes the receiver feel as though they are receiving something truly special.  I may have been in my PJs, sipping coffee and 50/50 listening to Wendy Williams and my dog snore while I contemplated if I should brush my teeth again because I wasn’t feeling confident, but when I opened the sleeve of gift tags, I felt like I had spent the afternoon puttering through a street of quaint gift shops.

EC Collage

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