Castaway Island Preserve and Last Day Off

The glorious list of reasons to love living in Florida just continues to provide for us.  In the county that we work and live in, the Thanksgiving break has been six days long.


I love you, Jacksonville!


While giving away praise, I might as well dish out a little more to the Jaxxy side of the Sunshine State because I’ve just discovered on their official site a list of all the hiking trails and nature preserves in the county.  As much as I’d love to continue hiking at the UNF Nature Trails, it’s still on a college campus and we all know how much they like to wring out as much money in the form of pay-to-park lots.  $3.00 a day is not quite in the budget for a 3 mile nature walk.  On the weekends it’s free, but if I wanna walk after work and take advantage of being in 60+ degree temps in November, UNF ain’t gonna cut it! to the rescue!  Dan found us a great little nature preserve to test drive this morning.



Map of Castaway Island Preserve




Absolutely gorgeous!  The trail is about a mile long, so Dan and I walked it about three times.



The cutest part was that just as we were getting ready to leave, we came upon a family who were getting their professional photos taken for their holiday cards.  Well I’ve got that covered minus the expense of a photographer!



On a side note, the Country Apples that I made yesterday turned out amazing!

It was like eating an apple pie crumble!  If you’ve got the time and the apples, get in your kitchen NOW and make it!

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