A Night of Lights (and Pizza)

The night before a half marathon is very important to runners.  Balancing out carbs, sleep, and anxiety takes the care and precision of any qualified chemist.  So when I thought ahead to a 6:05 AM start, I immediately knew what would qualify as the perfect dinner: PIZZA!

Dan has an uncanny ability to find three things:

  1. Legitimate Michigan State/football fans in ANY crowd
  2. The quickest route from point A to point B
  3. SUPERB pizza

God, I love that man.

Usually, I don’t “go to” pizza as an option for a meal.  I’m pretty picky, and if I’m going to use a lot of calories, I want to make sure that it’s really quality, so when Dan found an amazing restaurant in downtown St. Augustine called Pizzalley’s Chianti Room that came highly rated, we decided to give it a try.  Plus, it was kind of nice to get into something a little nicer than yoga pants and hoodies.

We split a large pizza that was half Margarita

and half Godfather

You’ll have to excuse the red hue in the photos; we were seated outside underneath some heat lamps that were intended to hatch chickens.  I swear!

It just so happened that while we were in town, it was also the same day as the “Night of Lights” in St. Augustine.  All of the shops and restaurants go all out because thousands of people gather in the center of town to watch the over two million white string lights illuminate downtown for the first time during the holiday season.  The gazebo played centerpiece to a brass band of adorable older musicians who entertained the crowds with Christmas melodies.

Dan and I made our way towards one of the few open spaces and settled in.  Finally, it was time for the countdown!

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