It Can Be Done

A little dose of the Sophie Girl to get your morning up and running right.

Yesterday, I posted about how I was going to start switching up my workout routine a little bit, and had planned out to complete the Bob Harper’s Pure Burn, Pure Strength DVD

I was only able to complete about 35 minutes of the 66, which include the warmup and cool down, using 5lbs weights.  Not to brag, but just a little, I usually use 15lbs weights when I do my upper body exercises, so I felt like a little bit of a wimp when I first started. Well I’ll tell you what, this morning I am feeling every bit of those 35 minutes and itty bitty 5 pounders!

Today will be just a run day, and I’m scheduled for 6 miles.  The book club that I’ve recently joined has decided on the David Mitchell novel, Cloud Atlas.

I don’t know anything more about this novel than the previews for the film adaptation staring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.  Anyways, I’ll be getting through a good portion of that while getting in my miles on the treadmill.  Love my iPad!

In other news, I’m making crock-pot chicken tortilla soup for dinner tonight.  It’s a fabulous recipe that couldn’t be easier!  These are the ingredients:

I threw in  8 ounce (ish) of frozen chicken breast underneath a can of:

  • black beans
  • refried beans (fat free)
  • chicken broth
  • green chilis (to taste)

and 3/4 C of chunky salsa.  The only thing that the recipe called for that we didn’t have was frozen corn.  I don’t think we’ll miss them too much, but I’ll keep you posted.  Anyways, I set the crock-pot to LOW and we’ll have delicious soup aroma filling up the house when we return this afternoon.  My recipe comes from this book, the greatest piece of nonfiction to ever touch my life and the life of the ones that I love:

P.S. – While pulling out all of my ingredients and tools to make the soup, I found this:

It cracked me up, not because I have a weird sense of humor or storage containers, but because there was a running inside joke between my mom and I when she was here last week.  When I went to visit her in her hotel room, she offered to make me some tea, however she discovered that she had misplaced all the teabags that she brought with her.  We looked all over the hotel room, but couldn’t find them anywhere.   About 4 days later, Mom realized that the baggie holding the teabags had slipped underneath the stabilizing board at the bottom of her purse.  All along I had been teasing her about what a cruel joke it was to offer tea when she knew she didn’t have any…yea, weird inside joke stuff, I know.  Anyways, I’ve been finding tea bags all over our house since she and my dad left on Monday morning.

This and a cute little note were on the inside of my purse.

The tiny bowls I try to use for ice cream =)

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