Starting Over and Setting Up a Routine

If there’s one philosophy in life that I’ll never forget, it’s this:

And even though our best of intentions may not always be the fuel that brings us to action, there’s always another chance to start again.  So despite the fact that I’ve been absent for a few days…er…weeks…er months, I realized that I truly am a happier person when I spend some of my budgeted “free time” here with you.  Ever since the beginning of the school year, I’ve felt as though I’ve been playing catch up with various aspects of my life, barely making the due date.  I put my first and foremost attention into my school work/classroom, followed closely behind by the maintenance of house and home.  Slowly but surely, I’m becoming more comfortable with the title of Homeowner and all the chores that includes.  We are filling up more empty spaces with grownup objects like dining room tables

and landscaping tools.  “Adulthood garbage, blah blah, 401k yada yada, HDL levels, garble, garble.”

I’ve also decided that with my last half marathon (the St. Augustine half)  until February, it’s time to start looking at some workout switch ups.  I know that I don’t want to maintain my daily running routine, and adding in other strength training routines will not only keep me from getting bored, but reunite me with some old friends:

Here are a few more workouts that I’ve been looking forward to incorporating into my weekly routines:

Thigh Toning Treadmill Routine

Tone It Up Malibu Workout

So with all that being said, I am looking forward to starting over and fresh starts…and Detroit Lions’ football today =)

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