Florida vs Georgia

Happy Sunday, beloved readers.  I woke up with the sound of our neighborhood roosters’ cackles and memories from the previous day’s spur of the moment events.

I decided to try and knockout a 4 or 5 mile run, but once I found my rhythm on the treadmill, I decided to keep going until I hit 8.  I’m not going to tell you what film I was watching on my iPad, but let’s just say that it was magical.  ::wink::

I see what you did there.

Anyways, while I was running, Dear Hubby received a text message from a friend who invited us to the George vs. Florida game for some tailgating and whatnot.  Even though I really don’t have any affiliation with either team, we decided to go because A.) we love football  B.) the college football atmosphere is totally intoxicating  C.) we can appreciate a legitimate rivalry – Michigan vs Michigan State is our lifeblood.

We chose to represent the Gators because we’re in Florida, and our ride to the game is a FL grad…when in Rome, ya know?


I’ll always be a Spartan, so it felt a little odd to declare myself a Gator, despite how much I enjoy wearing this shade of blue.

Dear Hubby and I are definitely not strangers to the tailgating experience, but these Georgia and Florida fans really know how to go all out in ways that we’re simply not used to.  I had no idea the variety of blue/orange and red/black combinations in apparel, or in some cases a lack there of, existed!

We saw a little bit of everything:

Apparently, it’s a “Southern Thing” for the females to dress up in their finest red and black cocktail dresses.  And the men wear khakis that have their mascots embroidered all over them.  But no matter how outlandish or creative people were with their team’s colors, the most hideous and mind-boggling outfit was worn by this well-meaning lady:

Hand-painted, multicolored cats is just a fashion DON’T


It was fun to be witness, but I’m still satisfied with my jeans and t-shirt look.


But no matter what you wore or who you cheered for, it seemed like EVERYONE was having a good time supporting their team.


As part of our tailgating, someone made Florida Gators pasta salad.


With our tummies and eyes full, it was off to the stadium for the gridiron game time.



The final score was Florida 9, Georgia 17.   Even though “our team” lost, it was a great experience, being on the inside of one of the NCAA’s greatest rivalries.




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