The Passing of Time

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time can pass; it seems like just yesterday I was hobbling around the parking lot of my apartment complex, barely qualifying as a jogger.  I just visited the website for my 3rd half marathon for the official countdown: 

I’ve been following my hodgepodge  training schedule pretty closely, adding in easy runs, lots of squats to build up those VIP muscles, and one long run.  Yesterday morning, after spending some Q.T. with my lesson plans and grade book, I logged in 9 miles, and they felt fantastic!

In other weekend news, the Ping Pong Playdate on Saturday was awesome!  I’m not even remotely close to be able to qualify myself as a ping pong player, but the new group of friends that we’re making took it easy on me, and with some practice, I may actually be able to hit the ball back without catapulting it into the next zip code, or missing the ball completely with my paddle.  I’ve had control over my arms and hands for 30 years now, you’d think I’d have built up a little more coordination.

I guess we’re not all meant to be physical specimens.

This is the last week of the first marking period at school.  No really, it is.  I guess it’s because there are no leaves changing or temperature changes that would indicate the passing of time in Florida.  Even on St. Paul you can see the physical changes that denote that another page has been torn off from the calendar.   I have purchased and displayed three Fall decorations that are somewhat helping me to grasp that it’s my favorite time of the year.  My football team have been a  bunch of punks lately, giving back only a quarter of the wins that they accumulated last season.  But my Lions are on Monday Night Football tonight, so hopefully they will rise to the occasion.


Today, my students and I begin watching the film version of the novel, Speak.  You want a crazy reminder that time is passing?  The main character, Melinda Sordino, is played by Kristen Stewart…she’s supposed to be a freshmen in high school.

8 years and not one new facial expression.


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