Saturday Perks

It’s the weekend and welcome to it!

Top 3 reasons why I’m glad it’s Saturday:

1. I ran outside in delicious 68 degree, sunshiney weather!

All of my runs during the week are limited to my treadmill in my home gym, and I’m definitely not complaining. However, when the powers align in the perfect trifecta of a) no rain b) no excessive heat c) I’m not being lazy – Nature Calls!

2. I finally have found the local TJ Maxx. Both my bank account and Dear Hubby’s head have appreciated that I have yet to find it. However, I do plan on doing some major browsing and a few birthday gift trinket shopping.

3. There’s enough time to waste on foolishness. This afternoon, Dear Hubby and I are going to play some ping pong at a coworker’s house, and a question popped up: can you get away with wearing sandals when playing ping pong? Well there’s only one way that I know how to solve that mystery: indoor suicide drills.

Please keep in mind that cameras add 10lbs and at least 5 inches around my hips. OY!


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