Wednesday Randomness

Wednesday Morning Randomness

I ran in the Marine Corp Half a week and a half ago, and had a blast.  I ran a little bit slower than my usual pace, but I was able to run the entire time, a new for me for anything over a 5k.  I anticipated having many badges of pride to take home with me: a finishers medal, a tech t-shirt, a few dozen turkey sandwiches from Fireshouse Sub.  I had no idea about this little bonus:

Yup, I’ve finally joined the elite group of runners whose toenails begin to turn black.  And if that wasn’t enough, check this out:

The good news is that it only looks like I’m wearing purple polish on my toe and not the true bruised hues that lurk underneath.  I did get a pedicure last weekend, and the woman who was doing it attempted to rub and scrub the liking crud out of my toes, me squirming in my vibrating chair.  I tried not to kick her in my inability to simply say, “Please don’t do that.  It hurts.”  Why can’t I just say when I’m being injured?  I’m too intimidated.  No reasoning behind it.  Darn that passive personality.

Yesterday morning I finished watching the Real Housewives of New York Reunion on my iPad while running my 4 miles.  I’ve become totally enamored with this franchise.  Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait to get back to my Housewives of Atlanta and my “in my head best friend” Nene.

After watching 5 seasons of Housewives in approximately one month, I have learned three things:

  1. Money can’t buy you class
  2. I am glad that I’m not a lady who lunches
  3. I think that I want to be Heather  Thomson when I grow up!  She’s fabulous!




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