A New Gym

Ah how I love the melodious swing of my alarm going off to wake me up for another day of fun, adventure, and new possibilities.  Can you tell my first cup of coffee has kicked in???

A lot has happened since I decided to kick myself off my leave of absence bus.  My routine excuse is that I’m far too busy with life to write about it.  I believe I just sent pandemic waves of nausea to all the real writers and mothers out there.  My hats off to amazing women, like Shannon Joe and Michelle, who work, are mothers & wives, and find the time for themselves via running and blogging.   But if you know me, you know that I’ve got a giant butt ready to tell you why I just hadta hadta take a break!

  1. New state and city
  2. New job
  3. New house
  4. New dog

But thankfully, 5. No life = time to blog!

So what’s been specifically keeping me busy??!?!

Besides the normal frenzied schedule of anyone who changes their entire life in one swoop of the pen when signing job contracts and mortgage papers, I have been working mostly on our new house.  One of the first rooms that Dear Hubby and I had to determine how we wanted to set it up was our converted garage.  We flip-flopped about turning it back into a garage for our car, or perhaps turning it into a Man-Cave.  But since Dear Hubby insisted that he couldn’t wait to stand to be away from me, we thought that something more beneficial to us both would be to turn the garage into a workout room.


So I cancelled my membership to Snap Fitness and created an oasis of cardio and conditioning.  The main reason why we chose to do this was because of our new location.  When we were living in our apartment, the gym was literally 2 minutes down the road.  Now we are 10 minutes, one-way, and I just don’t have that sort of time to give in the mornings.  Plus, I have always been a fan of being able to lace up my shoes at a moment’s notice and walk out a handful of chapters from my iPad.  Also, Dear Hubby and I are sharing one car, so there were some logistical issues with us both being able to utilize the Snap Fitness membership.  However, if I ever find myself in need of a gym, I will be seeking out Snap Fitness facilities.  Thanks for the memories, Snap!  

3 thoughts on “A New Gym

  1. Oh, to be part of the elite group of fitness center owners. 🙂 Even though I don’t like running on dreadmills-treadmills-I probably do need one for those rainy/cold days.

    I would really like a NICE stationary bike (recumbent?)-not like the one I have that put me out a whole $50 and HURTS MY BUTT LIKE CRAZY THE 4 TIMES EACH YEAR THAT I GET ON. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out!


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