I feel like the stalker, ex-girlfriend who stalks around the old stomping grounds of the graveyard of “our place.”

Me: Hey.

Blog: Oh. Hey….how’s it going? Haven’t seen much of you lately.

Me: Yea, well I’ve been busy. Really busy. But good busy, ya know? I’ve just needed some “Me Time;” clear my head.

Blog: I’m glad you did. You look good. No, really you do.

Me: Aw thanks. I actually ran the Marine Corp Half Marathon last weekend…didn’t do as well as I hoped. 2:12…a little slower than the Dexter-Ann Arbor half…

Blog: But that’s still great…good for you…good for you.

Me: Thanks. Thanks.

Blog: I heard you moved.

Me: Yea, actually I did. We bought a house.

Blog: Cool. I wish you would have let me know; I would have helped. Everything all settled?

Me: Yea, actually we are. Both my parents and in-laws are coming down for the Lions vs. Jaguars games in November.

Blog: That’ll be nice. Tell em I said hi.

Me: Definitely. Definitely.

Blog: So … how’s work? Still loving RCSA?

Me: More than I could have ever expected. My students are awesome. They impress me everyday. Right now they’re working on a symbolism project centered on the novel, Speak.

Blog: Very cool. I’m really happy for you. Hows Sophie?

Me: She’s great. She likes the new house.

Blog: Sounds like life has been good to you since last we saw each other.

Me: Yea, it’s all good……….I miss you! I’m sorry, I shouldn’t blurt things out like that. We had an agreement, and I wasn’t supposed to even come around here, but I miss you. I do.


Oh wow. I am really flattered. I didn’t think that you thought of me…I thought you had moved on. I don’t know what to say really.

Me: I know. I know. It’s not fair what I’ve done, but I assure you that if you leave the door open, even just a crack, I will prove that I am a good blogger, and won’t leave you again. You. Complete. Me.

Blog: I dunno, Babe. You’ve done this before.

Me: And I’ve come back. I always come back.


Me: Just one more chance…

Blog: Alright. Alright, I’ll give you another chance.

Me & Blog:

7 thoughts on “You.Complete.Me

  1. ROFL! So glad you’re back and that you love your house and your job and your dog. Way to go on that half-GAH!

    I’m still thinking about training for a half-the Disney Half in February. Just talked to my husband about it this evening. Not sure. Don’t want to have to be picked up off the course. 🙂

    Staying tune for the rest of your posts to come my way……….

    When I saw this one in my email inbox I jumped on it! Well, I didn’t really “jump” on it because I would have hurt myself.


      • I’ve got the stuff printed out and laying beside me on the couch. Do you know Amy over at ? She’s doing it, too, and has encouraged me to sign up for it. The longest I’ve ever run was a 6.2 and a 6.5, but that was back in the spring. I have to say miles 4,5,and 6 were easier than the 1st 3. However, there weren’t too many hills in my route. The course I’m running a couple of times each week now with my XC team has 7 hills (yes, I’m dying a slow death) in it.

        Got to get back in shape because I’ve sort of let my running fall to the wayside since school started in August.

        But, seriously thinking about it… 🙂

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