I Learned It From a Book

Good morning and what a happy Sunday it is!

I got in my 8 mile run yesterday and it felt pretty good.  I only had two issues:  1.)  My tummy felt a little barfy even though I had waited almost two hours between eating and hitting the treadmill, and 2.) When I hit the 60:00 mark of my run, the treadmill shut down!  WAIT!  I’m not ready to get off this bus yet!  I was so close!!!


My last one minute and twelve seconds, part of the last mile that needs my focus the most to complete, were spent trying to jump start the treadmill.  Good to know for when I’m at my 13 and 14 mile days and have to watch for that TWICE!

I also went to the local library with Dear Hubby, and we are official members of the Pablo Creek/Jacksonville Public Library system!  We both were on a mission:  European History books for DH, and general meandering in the wonderland of books for me!  I didn’t have a real purpose, but found myself in the nonfiction section.  Because we’re OH SO CLOSE to being in the home ownership bubble (day dreaming of owning the roof that is over my head) I found three books that I thought would help prepare me when/should that day happen anytime soon.


I am really hoping that these books will help at least take some of the headache out of cleaning.

A look inside:

I am definitely a visual learner, so I greatly appreciated the express housekeeping book’s approach to teaching techniques for cleaning and organizing.

Watching Matt Bomer do ANYTHING would make me love the chore to death!

“What are your qualifications for this job?”


True story.



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