Flipping Out!

There’s a new approach to teaching that I am attempting to implement into my curriculum: the flipped classroom.  What is it?

It’s NOT this:

Definitely not this, although this made me chuckle:

Thanks to the good folks at knewton.com, I have a fantastic visual to share with you what exactly a flipped classroom is:


While I’m all in favor of having students be more independent and self sufficient, I’m also a realist.  I know that I cannot expect my students to, overnight, turn into 100% homework completion machines and therefor the videos or reading assignments may not get done.  Therefore, I have made some modifications to the Mrs. Ferrari Flipped Classroom, and created a project through Donors Choose, requesting donations to fund a laptop in my classroom.  This would help in many ways:

1.  It would allow an opportunity for students to go to grammar and literature websites that provide additional resources and learning games to help students develop stronger understanding of key concepts that we discuss in the classroom.

2.  I have many ESL (English as a Second Language) students in my classroom from MANY parts of the world.  Helping them to develop their English language skills is essential.  Again, using the laptop and utilizing online resources would project them so much further.

3.  To help differentiate my instruction, I don’t want to, nor is it productive to, simply stand up in front of the class and address everyone as a collective group.  This only aids in the education of a handful of students.

4.  It would help develop intrinsic motivation in my students.  If they are better served, they will want to learn more.

Please consider donating to my classroom’s project by visiting this website:  DonorsChoose.org/MrsFerrari

One thought on “Flipping Out!

  1. What a great concept. I am working with our corporate training group to capitalize on e-delivery of content. With the influence and reach of technology we need to develop effective techniques to use it.
    **I saw you are prepping for the Disney Princess, I’ll be there too! Going for my coast-to-coast in 2013, doing the Tinkerbell in January then off to Princess in February. Hope to see you there!

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