Thankful Thursday

Three days in a row of practically passing out asleep for this “Welcome back to the school year” teacher.  After being away from the grind for two and a half months, then thrown into a brand new school with 100+ student names and faces and learning abilities to memorize…I’m not ashamed to say that I’m crawling into bed at 8pm.

6:00pm dinner:




But it’s all for the greater good!  I’m exhausted because good things are happening in my classroom; my voice isn’t gone because I’m hollering at students to get back in their seats, to stop talking while I’m talking, or to pay attention and stop catching up after a summer of being on vacation.

1.  I’ve got A LOT of readers in my classes.

There is a heavy percentage of readers spread throughout all of my classes, and it simply makes me giddy!

There’s nothing more precious to me than hearing that my students devour their books, and the demands that my loaning library needs to be replenished ASAP!  This might be a close second:

2.  My workouts have maintained their consistency despite my aforementioned appetite for extra sleepage.

Lots of this:

None of this:

3.  The three most important doors in any teacher’s life are a mere 10-15 feet away from my classroom:  the teacher’s bathroom, the teacher’s lounge, and the copy machine!!!!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Exhausted is the best word to describe this kind of state of feeling!

    Am I a bad person? I would really like someone to figure out how to create an app on my phone of that treadmill clip so I could play it over and over and over…… 🙂


    P.S.-Have you heard of that older book, The Wave? A high school teacher implements a project when teaching about the Nazis to show his students how they can get caught up in something, too. Then it gets out of hand. I saw the book at the Holocaust museum in DC this summer and should have bought it then(why do I do things like that?). Went to amazon and saw it was available for kindle and bought it for a mere 6.99. Then realized it won’t be downloaded until Jan 2013! #feeldumb 🙂

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