Triple Tangent Tuesday

I’m getting to be an old pro at this whole “First Day of School” thing; I’ve only done it seven times in a row now.  I’m sure by the 7th class period, I was starting to sound like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons, if not to the students, then at least to myself.  I only have one more day of intensive procedures and expectations in my lesson plans, and I’ll be VERY happy to switch roles and let the students do more talking than me.


1.  Call me crazy, but I really love my students already.  First day and everyone is on their best behavior yada yada yada.  But these kids seem like they have good hearts, some of the more bold ones engaged in conversation, and even the ones that wanted to test the waters a bit seem like good kids overall.  I showed them the video that showcases that lifestyle of St. Paul Island, which was created and narrated by three of my former students, and everyone was totally intrigued.  In the back of the room, while watching along with my new classes, I beamed with pride for my former students and school.  What a lucky lady I am to have been able to work with SO many amazing students.


2.  Tonight I am attending my first workout class at Snap Fitness.  I received an email last week that the gym would begin offering three different classes for it’s members for FREE!  You had me at “Zero Dollars.”

Here are the three classes that they are offering:

Group personal training –> 45 minutes. Each session will incorporate cardivascular, strength and abdominal exercises, to help you reach your health and fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Beginners, advanced, all levels are welcome. Learn proper form or some new exercises to switch up your current routine with our certified personal trainers! You would usually expect to pay $25/session for group training. For now, it’s on US! 

Circuit Training – 45 minutes. This is a form of body conditioning training resistance training and high-intensity cardio. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for another circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise.

Power Interval Training – 30 minutes. High intensity hour workout in 30 minutes. A total body workout! This class alternates between cardio, machine intervals, muscular strength and endurance exercises. It is a simple yet effective routine guaranteed to get your blood pumping! Discover the fitness benefits while working your body into better shape!

I went with the Group personal training because I’m not coordinated enough to try and do anything “high intensity” in front of other people.


3.  The focus of this blog has taken a slight twist, mostly because we’re back in school and my attention just seems to go in that direction.  While I know that most of the things that I talk about here don’t have a central theme or thesis statement, there I go again with English teacher mumbo jumbo, I don’t want to have to label Fancy Oatmeal as any one genre.  My friend ShannonJoe asked me what I would call this blog: teaching, reading, or running.

So for right now, I can tell you that even though Fancy Oatmeal is going more towards my life in the classroom, I’ll still blog about running, books I’ve read, and other nonsense that comes into my peripheral vision.  That’s just life, and that’s just me.


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