Triple Tangent Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Fancy Oatmeal Readers!

I’ve had one day to practice getting up early this week, and the hard work has paid off.  This morning I was able to get out of bed BEFORE hitting snooze a second time, and am way more productive – AKA I’ve scrolled through more Tumblr posts.

1.  I had a dream last night that Dear Hubby told me he gambled away $100,000.  This is really funny because in reality, we don’t have that kind of money, liquid or assets wise, to be gambled, so in my dreams we’re better off even with a 100K debt.  We only told one person.  This guy:

He suggested a plan, but because the gambling and debt issues were taking their toll on our marriage, Dear Hubby and I decided to appear on a therapy-style talk show, with our entire wedding party.  But because it was a dream, our wedding party was filled with completely different people; people we didn’t know back in June of 2010.

Anyways, at the end of the talk show, after watching some video that was supposed to put it all into perspective, I ended seeing a music montage of just me, living back at home with my parents, walking around downtown joyfully, weight-off-my-shoulders kind of feel, and going into a college classroom.  Dear Hubby nowhere to be seen.   Such a strange dream.

2.  There’s a grunter at our Snap Fitness.

This is how seriously annoying this guy is:  I wear headphones and listen to amazing songs like”Call Me Maybe” and can still hear this guy’s bursts of rage against the machines.  I’ve been there many times, when I have to give it all I’ve got to finish up my last set.  However, the difference between he and I is that he does it on EVERY.SINGLE.REP.  So it sounds almost pornographic in the gym at 5:30am when he shows up. I wish he would just let one loud yelp rip and get it out of his system.

I know that weight lifting is serious business and all.  But if you want to be taken seriously, you have to look the part.

3.  There is a table in my classroom that has been used as a graffiti testing area for what looks like five years.  I have used a lot of elbow grease and Mr. Clean multi-surface cleaner to get all the BFF and love connection declarations off that I can.  While I know that this is only a temporary solution, I thought I would add a personal touch it.

I had some leftover contact paper from my “Make Your Own Cleaner” phase, before realizing that it would make my entire house smell like vinegar.  I had used the paper to decorate my generic spray bottles.  Now I have a revamped desk that will serve as my Student Center home.

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