Classroom Before and Afters – Day One

The Front of the Room



East Wall/Window Wall



West Wall/Teacher’s Desk



My Attempt at Art


My Art:

9th Grade English I Classroom – Day One

6 thoughts on “Classroom Before and Afters – Day One

  1. Good luck 🙂 I still remember my 9th grade English class — I had a really inspiring teacher who’s advice carried me through high school. No doubt you will do the same!

  2. Not being a teacher, I have enjoyed your “getting the classroom ready” posts. I love your energy and creativity. I am getting ready to start my daughter in kindergarten tomorrow and thought of pinterest as we walked around her room and saw all the cute displays. My sister and I were talking about “young” teachers and “older” teachers. She teaches high school chemistry and is now to the point she is just trying to get by after teaching almost 20 years. I told her that is because she is “old” now. 🙂 My husband is going back to school next year in his forties to become a teacher. We aren’t sure yet if he will be a “young” energetic teacher or an “old” boring teacher!

    • Ha! There is definitely a divide between the “fogies” and the “new kids.” The funny thing is that the line is not determined, most of the time, by age. I feel like anyone who is still enthused about teaching is going to be fabulous! The kids read that immediately on the teachers. I’m sure both your sister and your husband are/will be amazing!

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