Five Things Friday

1.  Two days in a row of keeping up with my new daily theme!

2.  New Kids on the Block.


When I first meet people, I suggest being more Jordan than Donnie.  Jordan has a cool outer demeanor, but still seems friendly and approachable.  Donnie’s all thugged out/tough guy.  That routine is tired, Playa!  You don’t wanna be too Joey cuz people will try and take advantage of your “here to please” and “yes man” routine.

Yesterday was the first day for staff at our new school, and man do I hate being the new guy.  Thankfully I wasn’t the only one, as we found out that there were more new-hires than returning teachers.  That’s actually a good thing because the school is growing and new sections of each grade level have been added = more teachers required.  I’m a little slow to get started on the social end of life, but it only took a few minutes to feel like part of the team.  I owe that all to the amazing teachers and staff at school; everyone I met was very welcoming and the distinctive aura of “family” and “dedication to the students” filled the building.

3.  Most Spirited!

Part of the first day for teachers was an afternoon team building activity.  That’s all that was on the agenda: team building activity.  No details.  No heads up.  Notta.  I thought maybe we would do something similar to traditional classroom ice breakers.  Thank goodness I was wrong.  We were broken up into teams, we all participated in Olympic-themed events: shot put with water balloons, three-legged race and paper skating, frisbee toss, and finally a skit or dance.  While the mighty Rocket Projectors didn’t medal, we did win for most spirited!

4.  Team English

I met my new high school English department team yesterday, and I am both inspired and intimidated.  I’ve worked with some great educators in the past six years, all creative and wonderful.  In my experience, the colleagues who have made me feel both inspired and intimidated have been the ones that brought out the best in me.  I am so excited to work with my department; I hope that I can live up to their standards and create a well-rounded team that provides the best education for our students.

5.  Arts and Farts and Crap

Before heading to the school today, I am going to attempt to recreate some art for my classroom.  Like all good ideas, this one stemmed from Pinterest.  I want to create posters that replicate the two photos below:


I’m not that good of a drawer, or that artsy, or talented, but I can copy the mess outta something!

Well I’m prepared the smile like a son-of-a-gun after this project is finished!




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