Thankful Thursday

I’ve decided to try and make life a little bit easier these days by sticking to a daily theme for my bloggings.  It’s worked with planning out my running and workout schedule in advance, creating less tension once I wake up in my morning fog and try to diddle my way through until the coffee kicks in halfway through my run.

Right now, I am working on implementing this routine:


The only change that I have to make is switching Saturday’s and Monday’s plan around.  I like to use the Arc Trainer after my long run on Sundays.

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but I’m sort of a fan of alliteration, so I thought I’d run with that theme along with other tried and trues.

Of course, like all best laid plans in life, things are bound to change.  You don’t see me owning my own accounting firm to the stars do you??  I don’t have Kim and Kanye asking me if they can afford Mars Surface Water as their signature drink at their anticipated wedding.

I don’t have an autographed 8 X 10 of Joan Rivers and I, signed “I wish I had your nose but the doctor said it was out of stock.  All my love, Joan.”  See how, plans change and one must adapt.


1.  The first day of Back to School (for teachers)

As you know, I’ve been living the la-la land for the past few weeks, dreaming about my new classroom.  Well it’s finally time to start the show, it’s time the light the lights.  It’s time to get things started in the 9th grade ELA classroom this morning!  I was that nerd in college who sat in the front row of lectures, highlighting the living daylights out of the syllabi and adding the due dates into her calendar.  Expect nothing less today.

2.  On Demand is back in my life

While living in Alaska, Dear Hubby and I only had access to Dish Network for our cable/satellite provider.  The company is great and we were very lucky to have such wonderful service and program options (please send us free stuff).  The only thing that we missed was the On Demand option that so many other providers offered.  It is a smattering of TV shows, workouts, and movies that you can watch, well on demand, without having to wait for it to be programed in weekly guide.  It also adds new episodes of TV series about one to two days after their original air date.  I’ve been in a moving fog lately, so I had forgotten that the new season of Project Runway had begun.  Thankfully, I was able to get caught up via On Demand.


3.  I didn’t die doing my Interval Workout

My hard work and dedication has been paying off lately, and yesterday I had 6 X 400 scheduled for the treadmill.  I ended up with this routine:

When it was all over, I felt like I had done some great work, but not that I was going to collapse.  The last time I attempted interval running, I had to quit 15 minutes into it.

Question of the Day: What is making you Thankful this Thursday?




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