The Pinteresting Yet Frugal Classroom

It’s that fabulous time of year again when teachers are slowly, but begrudgingly surely heading back into the classroom in preparation for the upcoming school year.  The planner that I am, I honestly find this to be the best time of the year.

For all of you non-teachers out there, imagine that every year, you get to plan your wedding all over again.  But you’ve already been through it, so you know what works and what doesn’t, so you can improve each time!

Note to self: don’t put the twitchy cousins too close to the wedding cake otherwise you’ll have finger swoops through the icing – AKA – make sure to keep the desks away from the lined paper bin if you don’t want a thousand sheets to go missing in the first week of school

Reminder: if you allow the guests to have a cocktail hour, spend a little more money, they’ll be buzzed enough to get out on the dance floor – AKA – have a basket of Post-Its, stress balls, and highlighters for those itchy-fingered kids so they’ll be less likely to distract the entire class.

And for those brides who have gotten married in the past year/are planning for next year know, there’s not a better planning tool for your dream wedding than Pinterest!  That goes for educators as well.  I.HEART.SOCIAL MEDIA!

I’m waist-deep in the organizational pool; my head is swimming from the multitude of ideas that are bobbing around on the World Wide Web, and with Dear Hubby playing golf this morning, I’ll be taking advantage of the “Me Time.”

Tuesday morning and I’ve got some serious to do – Very Important Planning!

Which also coincides with another V.I.P. activity: Very Important Pinning!

Yesterday, Dear Hubby and I stopped by the school to take another look around before making a few stops at the Dollar Store and Michael’s.  Right now Michael’s craft store has some great 40% off deals, and with my new budget-friendly mindset, I thought I would take advantage.

Being a teacher has taught me that you have to be creative and resourceful.  For example, right now, there is not a bulletin board in my classroom, but that won’t stop me from creating one myself.  I purchased my own cork tiles and will use them to display my students’ work.

Also, I found this little gem on the clearance pile:

Add resourcefulness and creativity and now you’ve got:

I’ll use it for all the supplies the students might need throughout the class period.  It keeps all of their resources in one place while keeping them out of my desk at the same time.

I’m just starting to gather my classroom decor, but I’ve got it all mapped out in my head.  Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve got a good foothold on things.

A dish strainer for worksheets and notes that students might need: makeup work, extra worksheets, rubrics, ect.

I’ve never lost a student, but this is a great method for keeping everyone accountable.

Social media will be in full force in my classroom, even the paper-and-pencil variety.  Shannon had a great idea about a Graffiti Wall for students to respond on and gain ownership of their classroom.  I want to do something similar to the Graffiti Wall, but more of a Twitter feed.  Each student would create their own handle and respond to questions I pose, other students’ responses, and their own musings connected to class content.

I love a good teacher-model reminder for students.  Can’t complain about improper formatting if you provide examples and foundations.


Thank you, Dollar Store, for providing 99% of my classroom materials.

If only the Dollar Store sold Sticky Notes…that’s sort of my thing.










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