Preparing for the School Year 2012

My head is swimming with anticipation for the upcoming school year.  Seriously, you think little kids get excited about buying their back-to-school supplies??  The few weeks before the first bell rings for class is like Christmas, seeing you lost 2 lbs. after being on vacation for a week, and getting your driver’s license for the first time all rolled into one for teachers!  We get to plan  curriculums, decorate our classrooms, and picture ourselves delivering the hell out of each and every strategically developed lesson plan without even leaving our living rooms.

Yesterday, Dear Hubby and I took his sister to our new school and showed off our classrooms.  I am very excited about bringing to life many of the ideas that I’ve got swirling around in my head.  Of course I’ll need to win the lottery and befriend Martha Stewart between now and the first day of school to be able to pull them all off.  Regardless, I am encouraged simply by seeing the blank slate that I have to work with.





Updates to come!

This is the first summer that I’ve had to really utilize social media, minus Google searches of course, and I am telling you that I feel like I’ve had some great success standing on the shoulders of others!  Here are some of the teacher/literature blogs that I follow that have truly inspired me:

Blogs from Teachers

  • Finding the Joy in 6th Grade – Even though I will be teaching 9th grade this year, I know that many times I’ve found ideas and resources from middle school curriculums.  Adjusting the content to make it level-appropriate, I’ve gained many new tools and tricks from this blog, including my “Get to Know Ya” activity.
  • I Run Read Teach – I feel as though ShannonJoe and I have been colleagues and friends separated only by geography.  Not only is she a teacher, but she’s also a runner.  What I really love about her blog is her honesty and encouraging voice.  She has also developed a wonderfully helpful lesson plan template and I can’t wait to steal it borrow it!
  • – Great blog to stop and reflect upon your own classroom and implementing technology.
  • Switching Classrooms  – Another great resource for ideas in the classroom.
  • Read, Write, Reflect – This is another amazing blog filled with inspirational ideas that I love to learn from.  With 14 years of teaching experience, you know that there are tons of gems to be uncovered for your own classroom.


  • A Year of Reading – Franki is the author of Beyond Leveled Books (Stenhouse), Still Learning to Read (Stenhouse), and Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop (Scholastic). She is also a regular contributor to Choice Literacy.  Mary Lee is the author of Reconsidering Read-Aloud (Stenhouse).  Both have been teachers for more than 20 years
  • Cuddlebuggery Book Blog – Informational, yet has an honest voice.  I love hearing real reviews as opposed to the flowery lovefest that I often write read.
  • John Green Books – This entry should surprise nobody after my many posts of admiration and cult-like following of John Green, especially The Fault in Our Stars, and the decision to include Looking for Alaska in my “Coming of Age; Face in the Mirror” theme for this year.
  • Reading, Writing, Breathing – Be prepared to have your mind blown: this blog is written by a 13 year old boy named HD.  Get to this blog NOW!
  • Young Adult Anonymous – Great reviews of YA!
  • Nerdy Book Club – There are so many amazing YA books out there that often times I miss them.  The contributors to NBC bring honest assessments and pure voices to their reviews.

Classroom Ideas Inspired by Pinterest










4 thoughts on “Preparing for the School Year 2012

  1. Amanda,

    Thanks for the shout out! Now I’ve got to visit a couple of the other blogs you mentioned-most of them have been on my radar for awhile now. I can’t wait to get over to that YA blog-I’m beginning to think I’m a 15 year old trapped in a 41 year old body! Too bad it’s not the other way around. 🙂 I love reading YA!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Spiffy looking classroom! Teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve at times. There is so much hard work behind the scenes that goes into preparing for a whole year of learning!

    • Thank you! The hard work does pay off, not always in the same ways as other professions. Kind of view the work I do in my classroom the same way as my workouts: if you look cute at the end, you’re not working hard enough:)

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