A Morning at the Beach in a Cup

One of the major advantages of living in Jacksonville, FL is the superb access to many beautiful beaches within minutes from our front door.  With the surf, sand, and sun being so close, I have been given plenty of practice to not burn the skin off of my body and star in on of these bewitching ads:


But let’s not close any doors yet, shall we?   (Thanks, Buzzfeed.com)

Since moving to Florida, Dear Hubby and I have been visited Jacksonville Beach, and today we decided to head a little further north and check out Atlantic Beach.

We setup shop around mid morning because we knew that storms would be a’brewin’ this afternoon.  Part of our anniversary gift to each other were beach chairs, towels, and umbrella, the official gift for the second year of marriage.

And brought along our new, iPhone Super Bass Bose stereo equipment:

No, but seriously, our friend Sonia introduced this sleek trick to amplify the sound of your cell phone.

We spent a fair amount of time just sitting back and enjoying the breeze and reading; Dear Hubby spotted some dolphins that were trailing alongside a fishing boat, but they were too far out for a decent photo from my phone.

When my skin had its fill of Vitamin D, we decided it was time to fill our tummies with Vitamin Delicious!  On our way onto the beach, we spotted a little frozen yogurt shop and made our way over there after dropping off our chairs and umbrella.

You have got to love any establishment that encourages its patrons to sign the wall, and has digital monitors that display what flavor frozen yogurt is available for the day.  There was 100% no guilt in choosing to get dessert before a meal, especially when going to HappyCup Frozen Yogurt.

And a happy cup is:

I mixed vanilla with Lemon Ginger, topped with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and shaved coconut.  It was AMAZING!  I think we found our new favorite frozen yogurt place!








2 thoughts on “A Morning at the Beach in a Cup

  1. Enjoy-you’ve earned it. My, that yogurt looks yummy, especially with your special touches! Here’s to the good life..

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